A Revolution in Horticulture

The Plantopia 'All Climate' Commercial Greenhouse

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Following years of development Plantopia has finally completed the "ALL CLIMATE" COMMERCIAL GREENHOUSE.

What does it do, and what makes it special?

The structure allows all the benefits of an outdoor climate whilst affording the full protection of a state of the art greenhouse. This means the greenhouse does not overheat. Plus, the full light spectrum, including ultra violet rays, provides natures' growth regulant.

We are looking forward to starting our first season in 2017, and welcoming everyone who wants to come and see our development at Stoney Lane, Galgate, Lancaster.


* Fully Opening Automatic Roof (opens within 2 minutues)

* Provides Air Conditoned Outside Land (In addition to all the protection of a state of the art greenhouse )

* All Climate - Allows Natural Sunshine / Ultra Violet and Rainfall as Nature Intended

* Injection Moulded Rigid Polycarbonate Roof System

* All aluminium robust construction

* At affordable commercial greenhouse prices

Contact Kim or Chris +44(0)1200 444445 or +44(0)1524 752801

Fully Operational Greenhouse available to view in Lancaster UK